Enhancing Arousal with Tantra

05 August 2016


One of the many aspects that make up a tantric massage experience is the breathing you do during it. Tantric massages are indeed very sensual in their own right but many people might be surprised to know that our talented tantricas can also coach you through your breathing so as to get even more out of your tantric experience. Sounds like a buzz kill? Think again. Breathing with purpose is very important during our everyday life but doing so during a sensual experience can actually heighten the experience all together. When you breathe with purpose you oxygenate the blood correctly and avoid getting premature release. The breathing helps you also simply feel things better because you’re paying attention to your entire body and not just to one particular area.

These exercises also help you control your yearning to enable your heights of ecstasy to last longer, this concentrates your sexual energies and enables a far deeper, erotic encounter. These skills are also something you can learn and take home with you, and your ability will increase with every session in which you indulge in this authentic tantra practice. During the massage you’ll find that your breathing can easily synch with your masseuse’s and this helps you both feel more in contact with one another. When you’re in other sensual settings away from your masseuse, you can actually help someone else synch their breathing to yours automatically thanks to the knowledge you’ve received. Not to mention this is a wonderful practice to try on your own. Sometimes just taking 5 minutes from your work routine to breathe things out will a) have a wonderful and relaxing effect and b) take you back to your massage and you’ll find this can actually stir up even more relaxing emotions and perhaps even give you a cheeky glow for the rest of the day.

Your breathing is an important part of your tantric massage experience and learning how to breathe with purpose is one of the many benefits of a tantric massage in London. It’s something you can take home with you way after the massage is finished and it can be something that you slowly work in your everyday routine for a much happier and pleasurable life.


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