Emotional Connections

18 November 2017

From what you read and what you see on television (and those websites we all delete from our browser history) you would think that tantric massages are all about being sexy, raunchy and naughty. Sure, those are all things that can happen during a tantric massage but there is so much more that can happen during one of these experiences than what is often shown. Just like sex, tantric massages are very intimate and sometimes very emotional experiences and just like sex passionate and lustful is not the only things that can happen during it.

The secret is out guys, we know you have feelings. No really, all joking aside, most men don’t realize that we actually know that they are as much of a sensitive human being as women. During a tantric massage though your mind is so busy feeling great that you might feel things you are not used to showing others. Some people feel so good they start to feel like laughing and some even turn that laughter into tears of joy. Yes, actual tears can happen during a tantric massage. Some men feel a great relief and sometimes sadness follows that. For some guys they feel excited or deeply touched and some even feel loved and complete from the experience. These are not things men are used to expressing and yet no man walks away feeling embarrassed… why? Because your masseuse encourages you to feel whatever you need to feel. She is not there to judge you but to help you feel whatever it is you need to feel at the moment. It is actually a very liberating and very intense experience.

So, if you go into a tantric massage thinking you will only feel one thing you might want to leave all those expectations at the door because you might be taken aback and surprised with the fact that yes, you do have pretty intense emotions and they might all come out during your massage. You might feel nothing but sensuality, passion and lust… or you might not. There is only one way to find out…


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