Ecstatic Tantra

27 January 2018

One of the things people are most curious about when it comes to tantric massages is that moment of ecstasy that comes at some point in your massage. What even is ecstasy and what does it feel like are two of the most common questions I get asked as a tantric masseuse. It is normal, I suppose, to wonder these things when you have never experienced ecstasy before to be so keen on asking about it.

Well, I can’t say I have an answer that will satisfy you but I do have an answer that I hope will at least be helpful for those that have yet to achieve ecstasy of any kind.

Ecstasy is basically the total involvement of your body with one emotion; in this case a positive one. It is also been described as the moment where mind and body cease to be two different entities and become one, this brings forth a feeling of joy and peace that can be both felt in the physical world and the metaphysical one. But what this means in a more practical sense is that your body and mind will be at a place of complete satisfaction.

This is where it gets tricky because what is satisfaction to some might not feel that way for others. For some people satisfaction feels very peaceful, while for others it is a completely emotional process that brings forth tears and laughter. For some people it is almost violent, taking your breath away and then leaving you feeling restless. For every person satisfaction is different.

Feeling in your body is also very personal, some people do have sexual orgasms at this time. For some people sexual satisfaction takes a back seat while pain relief in their bodies takes over. For some there are feelings of waves or ripples coming from their hearts or even their genitals while for others it might feel like a warm stillness coursing through their veins.

The truth is that ecstasy is personal to each person but that whatever you feel… the truth is that it just feels good, it feels amazing and it feels like the skies have opened up and light is shining down on you. Who wouldn’t want to feel that? 

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