Dark Tantric Massage

09 April 2017

Sexuality for humans has a basic function when it comes to reproduction but we all know that sexuality and desire has nuances that are much more complex than the simple desire to procreate. It is deep and intricate and varies from person to person. What helps one person feel sexual turns others off and we sadly live in a society that vilifies things that do not fit into a nice little box of what we consider normal. We are forced to believe that the things we like aren’t only wrong but that they are dark and evil… But are they really?

Dark Tantra takes the idea that our thoughts can be dark and brings them into the light. Unlike a simple tantric massage these massages are more about your inner most fantasies… the ones you are scared to show off in case they might not be acceptable. This is ideal for people who find pleasure in things that are often seen as deviant and wrong but that can be handled within a safe and sacred space. You will be welcomed to bring out your obscure side and have it join in the fun and games, out underneath the light of sexual enlightenment. Your masseuse will use a heady blend of power/surrender dynamics and sensation play to arouse, tease and ride the energetic seas of dark delight.

These sessions are perfect for those who have a broader understanding of what pleasure is. This experience involves exploring your darker, deeper fantasies, trapped inside of your body and just begging to burst out into reality. Dark tantric sessions are recommended for those that have already experienced tantric divinity and are looking to explore that further as it is vital that you and your masseuse feel completely at ease together.

If you’re still unsure of these massages are for you but your interested has been tickled then why not try a session out? Your masseuse will carefully employ these techniques but also couple them with more classic tantric techniques in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

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