Choosing A Reputable Agency

14 December 2016

Being a young practitioner of Tantra I found that one of the most challenging experiences for a lot of my clients is how to tell a good tantric service from a bad one. Sadly, because of the sensual allure of our practice there are many people who have taken advantage of this to offer services that aren’t just demeaning to women but to the tantric practice in general. You see, I was first attracted to tantric massages and the arts of Tantra in general in part as a way to fully express my femininity and have the respect and encouragement of other women. Women are, after all, the central figure within Tantra and we hold a deep respect and admiration for each other and, of course, all my clients wanted to find a place that upheld these values.

So, one of the most important things for me when it comes to recommending a good agency is that the women there were not seen as mere instruments but as true professionals. It is a question of finding a place that upholds a certain kind of honesty that is often lacking in other places. When I had the opportunity to talk not just to the women who work as masseuses but those behind the scenes I quickly realized that Minx Massage is one of the most professional and honest agencies a masseuse can work with. There are no smoke and mirrors here and every girl is treated like part of the family, they all have somewhere to go to if they need help with anything and also a place where clients can feel safe visiting. The photographs are not just real but recent, genuine, and provide an accurate impression of how the masseuse looks in her day to day life.

Finally, the relationship that the masseuses have with each other and with the team allows for there to be a good handle on ongoing training and an exchange of different techniques among the masseuses. These are all important things to look for in order to ensure that your experience isn’t just as sexy as possible but as safe and genuine as possible.


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