Breathing Techniques

04 June 2017

Breathing. It is such a simple thing and yet so important for everyone out there. It is the thing that lets you know someone is alive, the way you can tell how close someone is. Each breath a person takes and then releases is embedded with the warmth of their bodies, their vitality. Your essence can be seen in a single breath that you take because to breathe is to live. What does your breath say about you, though? Does it say you are calm? Excited? Perhaps your breath tells people that you are tired, that you are in love or maybe that you want to be closer. When you stand up in front of a group of people do you know how to breathe to seem confident? Do you know how to command your body to relax even though you are stressed and want nothing more than to break down into tears? Do you even know the power your breath holds as you kiss someone’s neck?

Your breath is powerful and you can learn to control that power. The art of deep breathing that helps you relax that your tantric masseuse will try to teach you is called Pranayama and it is the basis in any meditative art. For tantric massages it is how you will learn to control and hone your passion so that you control it and not the other way around. You will feel how your breathing either warms or cools your body, how it can take you from passionate pant to a calm sigh. The art of breathing is what takes tantric massages from the realm of sensuality to the real world. You can use the things you learn from your masseuse about breathing in other places than the bedroom and that is how tantric massages can change your life but if you ever are in the bedroom remember that lasting longer can sometimes be a deep breath away… if you know how to use your breathing to control yourself, that is. 

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