Being Teased With Touch

31 October 2017

Getting a tantric massage can bring many benefits to your life but your sex life is the one that will quickly be the most changed with every single massage that you have. Not only will you be able to last longer and enjoy the experience of making love so much more but you will also find that there are parts of you that you never thought could be used to make sex always the best sex.

A lot of people wonder how it is possible that tantric massages can be erotic without doing the deed.. A tantric massage can be done without ever touching your typically known erogenous areas but don’t fret that doesn’t mean much to a tantric masseuse because her job is to show you that your entire body is covered in skin and skin is the most erogenous thing that there is. A lot of people come away realizing that hands can be extremely erotic when touched correctly. The way you move your hands, the way they feel against you and the way touch feels in that area is truly incredible. Remember your hand is one of the places that you have a ton of nerve to be able to tell weight, temperature and touch so with just a couple of movements your hands can also become a pleasure central.

Another common area that people ignore is the face and specially the ears. Many men find the ears extremely sensitive with nerves that seem to go straight to their groins when touched. Also, the mouth, the lips and the eyes are all places that if touched right can bring forth many feelings of intimacy and satisfaction.

So, the next time you hear about a tantric massage perhaps keep your mind open to the possibilities and if you decide to get one be prepared to get to know your body in a whole new way. 

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