Arouse All Your Senses With Tantric Massage

18 June 2018

You have often heard that tantric massages in Knightsbridge will stimulate every one of your sense but how much truth is there to that? Surely there must be some senses that will get more stimulus than others and some not at all. So here’s a break down on how your senses will be dealt with in your next tantric experience in Knightsbridge with as much detail as possible and maybe you too will be convinced of just how rounded these massages truly are.


Of course, touch is going to be the most prominent sense that you are going to be feeling stimulated throughout your entire tantric massage experience. However what you need to realize is that the touch you will be feeling is going to be a lot more than just a simple sexy hand movement. Some masseuses will use their entire bodies in order to massage a client; this is why they are usually nude when performing their massages. Also, the oils used will provide a delicate film over your skin which will make touch feel so much more fluid and enjoyable.


Yes, your masseuse is gorgeous and looking at her will be a great pleasure to you but this isn’t the only way that your sight will be simulated. Tantric massages are usually done in a dim lit room which means your eyes get a chance to rest and relax. This also creates an ambiance of sensuality and mysteriousness. Your skin will also be glowing thanks to the oils which will also make you feel a lot better about your own body.


Your masseuse’s voice will take on a silky smooth tone which will be impossible to ignore. More than that though, just her breathing and your own pranayama practice will fill your ears with the lovely sounds of live itself entering and exciting your body with each deep and meaningful breath.

Taste and Smell are closely related and while we can’t say you will be tasting or smelling anything too closely the truth is that between the oils and your masseuse’s scent you have nothing to worry about in this area either.


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