Achieving Relaxation In A Stressful World

27 March 2018

You would think that with how many opportunities we have to relax nowadays that it would be a breeze. Yet it somehow feels like life is more fast paced and stressful than it ever was. 

All these machines and all this technology that was supposed  to make our life easier seems to have somehow had the opposite effect. We are so tied to our phones, to our computers, to social media and the internet that it all seems too much.

So how to you relax in this world filled with noise? Well of course you have to shut it all out but it doesn’t have to be as painful as you think.

In fact disconnecting (the only way you will ever truly be able to relax) can actually be as painless as enjoying yourself.

So why not fill your time with things that make looking at your phone something of a drag; experiences which are both pleasurable and enriching.

One way you could go about it is to find those activities that won’t allow you to carry a phone on you while you’re doing them. The movie theatre used to be a sacred space to do this but even there we are not safe from the barrage of emails and calls bouncing through to us, and the feeling of obligation we have to give these matters our immediate attention and to reply to everything we receive quickly.

Tantric massages in London can provide you some reprieve from this habit of being wired into the mainframe at all times. London tantric massages are sensual, pampering, indulgent and genuinely enriching. And whilst you can’t use your phone during them, trust us when we say that you won’t want to. In fact we can guarantee that you are sure to forget all about the anxieties and obligations of daily life. Whilst relaxing with your chosen tantric goddess you will be able to truly inhabit the present moment, whilst also being pleasured, pampered and truly looked after.

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