A Tantric Journey

12 March 2017

Many people have asked me in the past why tantric massages are often described as the beginning of a journey and about the claim some masseuses make of being able to bring a person out of their surroundings and into Paradise. These claims might indeed seem grandiose but in reality they’re a lot closer to the truth than you might realize…

The reason, for example, that tantric massages are described as a journey is because you never know which course you’re going to take until you and your massage partner are already into your massage. Different partners have different needs and what works for you might not work on everyone else. You like to be touched assertively and with passion while others like touch that is slower and more sensual. Also, the phrase “the beginning of a journey” is also used because people tend to come back for more and more and it’s easy to see why… you feel good and you want to continue to feel just that. It’s very easy to get hooked on a beautiful woman bringing you pleasure from every corner of your body.

As for the bit about paradise it’s simple. Tantric massages originated in the Himalayan Mountains and the teachings of this art have been passed on to women all over the world but they remain their exotic and idyllic essence. With every movement of her hands and body your masseuse is taking you back to this place where the massages originated. The oils she uses will have bits of this sprinkled throughout with their smell and sweet sensation and the music, dim lightning and your final orgasmic steps into sensual ecstasy can have the power to transport you from your room in London to the most beautiful and paradise-like location which is actually nothing more than the mental representation of pleasure in your mind’s eye.

As you can see it’s very easy to achieve all that tantricas claim. All you need is a healthy dose of imagination and enough curiosity to come play with us. 

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