Couples Massage

Couples massages are considered by some to be the most intimate of massages. This is because of the fact that you're engaging in tantric massage with both your partner and the tantrica of your mutual choice. This can create a much more stronger erotic connection during the massage session, and of course increases the visual enjoyment too.

Many clients have told us that there is a sort of passion you receive in a couples massage which you can't receive anywhere else. Once you've tasted this passion you can't get enough of it, imagine the romance of a massage doubled. Such intense pleasure would appeal to even the most hard to please of men and women.

If you're considering a tantric massage in London in the form of a couples massage, we appreciate that this can feel a big decision to make and so you want it to be the perfect encounter. Perhaps you are trying this erotic adventure with your partner for the first time; or it is a way of reconnecting to your partner either sexually or spiritually; or it has just long been a fantasy and as such the expereince has a lot to live up to! All of these scenarios are common to our first time couples clientele, and as such you will find our approach sensitive, helpful and passionate about creating the perfect tantric massage London encounter for you.

Couples massages are when one tantric masseuse visits, or is visited by, a couple. Whether you want to have your chosen masseuse carress you each in turn, or be more interactive by helping her massage and bring pleasure to your partner, the choice is yours. There's nothing more revitalising than sharing an intimate moment with your partner. Couples massages can serve to re-spark a fire that a relationship may have lacked recently, or simply provide a new and exciting way for you and your partner to add to your erotic repertoire. The pleasure that's shared between you during a couples massage London is almost indescribable.

Minx Massage has the ability to make their clients feel full of life through hard and stressful times. Why not open your mind to a new way of thinking with a Minx Massage couples massage? Our incredibly skilful masseuses understand exactly how to intuit your desires, and bring you the ultimate relaxing, arousing and sensual experience imaginable.

If you have any queries about couples massage, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Couples massages carry a +£100 surchage on the masseuse's rate (please see rates on individual profile pages within the Gallery above.)

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