Body to Body Massage


Imagine lying down getting ready to receive a massage, the room is gently lit by candles and soothing music is playing in the background. Your masseuse comes to you and gently yet passionately uses her own body to please yours. This is one of the most intimate and enjoyable experiences that a person can be involved in. This massage is particularly popular with most clients as it is able to ease your thoughts and release the built up stress that you might be feeling. So why not open your mind to another level of satisfaction?

When booking with Minx Massage you are guaranteed a more than an exceptional session, our wide range of incredibly professional masseuses are well trained and know exactly what to do to your body dependant on how you react to their skilled carresses. The experience of a body to body massage is completely blissful and isn't something which you'll be forgetting any time soon.

By expertly using skilled and intuitive touch, your chosen Minx masseuse will massage your whole body with soothing massage strokes, and then raise the temperature by also using her sexy feminine curves to caress your body with her naked physique. Not only do this sensuous body glides feel great, you are also able to lay back and enjoy the incredible view of your gorgeous masseuse teasing every inch of you.

Our body to body technique is so popular that we encorporate them into all of our sessions, so whichever of our other therapies you may be interested in, fear not, you will still experience the erotic indulgence of a body to body treatment. So why not let one of our beautiful and loving masseuses tease you until the point where the only choice is to abandon your worldly cares to complete sensual abandon?

Body to Body London tantric massage is available either for incall or outcall, and all of our delightful masseuses are trained in this erotic art form. So no matter which type of. booking you choose, or which masseuse catches your eye, you are sure to experience a body to body massage adventure.

If you have any queries about body to body tantric massage, do feel free to call or email us; we will be more than happy to guide you.

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