Park Lane

Park Lane is something special, historically it was originally a lane running north to south which what is now the eastern boundary of Hyde Park, when in the eighteenth century it turned into a a fashionable residential estate. Park Lane would offer stunning views of Hyde Park as well as being in one of the most unique places of London as you were able to be near all of what the city has to offer however you'd also have that peace and quite if ever you'd need it. Clearly this 'best of both worlds' area in London was incredibly exclusive and realistically it still is. People that have lived here include the Duke of Westminster and the Halford family, these however are both now hotels. Before demolition the Londonderry house was there too. Why not have a sensual massage in Park Lane.

Now more than ever Park Lane has flourished into a magnificent little part of London that even though isn't the biggest place in the city, it's still one of the most impressive. If you're in London then definitely take a trip down to Park Lane and see if you like it as much as everyone else. We guarantee you that if you go and meet up with our gorgeous girls you'll have the best Tantric massage in Park Lane. You won't be able to resist the alluring touch of a Minx Masseuse so why not give in sooner and indulge yourself in such an amazing experience.

With one of the most superb places to visit, don't visit it without getting a massage off one of our gorgeous tantric masseuses in park lane. You can't help but get lost in pleasure during a session with us. You're in the safe hands of a trusted, highly skilled and talented masseuse when you come to Minx. So don't limit yourself to the fun you have when you go elsewhere. You deserve only the best so make sure you only get the best.

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